Rob Harmon
Singer/Songwriter - Heber City, Utah

Winner - 2013 Susanne B. Millsaps, Performing Songwriter Showcase - Salt Lake City, Utah

Rob Harmon is an award winning singer/songwriter who delivers from the heart. Beautiful and simple acoustic melodies are paired with his personal, occasionally gut-wrenching lyrics, to paint vivid images in the listeners mind. Whether playing one of his heartfelt originals or a cover that he loves, you will hear a voice that captures the emotion, the moment and the setting of the song. Rob is an accomplished guitarist and has a lot of fun interacting with the audience when he is on stage. In fact, its hard to tell who is having more fun at one of Robs shows, the audience or Rob!

Rob grew up in a musical family near Salt Lake City, Utah and singing came naturally from the start. As a child, he was surprised to learn some families dont sing all the time. His early musical memories involve listening to his Dad play guitar around the campfire while uncles, aunts, cousins and siblings sang along.

Robs first performance to a room full of strangers came in third grade, when he sang John Denver's "Matthew" to a student/parent assembly on Back to School night. Later, on a rainy family camping trip, Rob's love affair with the guitar began. His dad showed him a handful of chords and there was no looking back. It wasn't long before Rob was finger-picking all of his favorite folk songs and then began writing his own.

When he became a father himself, Rob drifted away from performing and only played and sang as a hobby, focusing on raising kids and securing his non-musical career. But, the music within him could not be silenced and starting in 2009, Rob began to perform live again, and to spend more time working on the craft of songwriting than ever before.

His recent compositions have benefited from those years on simmer. His music shows the depth of a man who has lived, loved and lost. Robs heartfelt songs like Voices of the Heart (written to his non-verbal autistic son), the upbeat I Could See Myself Loving You, and the soulful Imagination, ring with truth, reality and the various ways in which we experience love.

Ultimately, for Rob, the most important role of music still revolves around family. His children all sing and he is more than excited to play the role of campfire song leader every chance he gets. And to boot, his Dad who started it all, is one of his biggest fans.