Written by Rob Harmon


The Widow and the Banker
Lyrics and Music (c) Rob Harmon 2010

The widow Jones
made it on her own
for nigh on 7 years
Montana cattle ranch
eighteen ninety six
snakes and wolves the least of her fears
Consumption took her Alfred
Drought couldn't take her pride
she lost the crop for two years straight
most all the cattle died

Sam Wallace was a banker
foreclosed on half the state
to his chagrin the widow paid on time
but this mornin he's a smilin
her payment's runnin late
in three days time he'll gain his richest prize
balance due monday 9 AM
read the notice in his hand
he hung it from a rusty nail
on the door out at the widow's ranch

Didn't seem that long ago
but it had been 10 years
since Robert Parker worked the Jones' place
long before he was a legend
the outlaw known as Butch
The rancher saw in him an honest face
Parker grew to love the man
who saw the good within his heart
he vowed that someday he'd repay
Alfred Jones who gave him his start

Early on that Monday
She hears a knockin on her door
thinks to herself "Bastard couldn't wait till 9"
but before her stands the outlaw
clinging to a stack of bills
good to see you ma'am I ain't got much time
Use this to pay off your debt
what's left to get you on your feet
He mounted up and turned to go
then he hollered back "get a receipt!"

The widow rode out to the gate
to meet the banker there
smug look quickly left his face
confusion in his stare
receipt in hand; head held high
she bid the man good day
said I hope you know
you've no further business
out this way

Wallace took that lonely ride
back into town that day
mumblin to himself 'bout what went down
soon he was surrounded
staring at a dozen guns
faces from some posters back in town
funny how this world is small
says the leader of this gang
first time I took this money off your hands
it was rolling on a south bound train